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Partnership Institute: Home

This guide provides resources to NYCDOE partners participating in the Partnership Institute.


Welcome to the Partnership Institute resource guide. The resources found here are designed for a diverse range of New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) community, cultural, non-profit, vendor and higher education partners to support the alignment of partners’ work with the NYCDOE’s instructional and professional learning goals, and to strengthen school partnerships. We're continually adding resources to this guide, so please check back frequently.


Effective partnerships are aligned to a school’s instructional focus/priorities and professional learning goals by responding to students’ instructional, cultural, and socio-emotional needs. In order to maximize the alignment of partners’ work with NYCDOE instructional and professional learning goals, and strengthen school partnerships, NYCDOE and external partners must engage in consistent critical dialogue around high-quality instruction and how their programming supports student achievement.


  • Engage in targeted professional learning opportunities and collaborative feedback/communication channels facilitated by a variety of stakeholders.
  • Continue to build their understanding of how partnerships support schools’ instructional foci and professional learning goals, through the lens of partner expertise (i.e. articulate how partners connect and align their work to NYCDOE instructional and professional learning expectations).
  • Become informed about NYCDOE initiatives, instructional resources, and tools for fostering effective partnerships.
  • Share feedback, expertise, best practices, and lessons learned around instruction, professional learning, partnership management, and program development.


Contact for more information about the Partnership Institute.