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Service in Schools Libguide: Kids Action Team

May-June 2022 Presentations

Kids Action Team is a weekly youth service-learning program for students in grades K-3. During spring 2022, students participated in service-learning during an academic class or after-school club. They engaged in research, action, and reflection on one of the following service topics: animal welfareelder care, or care for the environment

Students completed activities such as interviewing experts and analyzing engaging media to build background knowledge on the topic. Then they drafted components of an advocacy campaign and took an action in their school or local community. Students shared their learning and advocacy pieces with an authentic audience of peers, families, and educators at the Service in Schools Student Showcases throughout May and June 2022. You can view students' presentations and advocacy campaigns below. 

Wednesday, May 25

Get ideas about how to help the elderly, such as donating socks, creating artwork, and making pen pals, and how to help homeless animals, including making toys for shelter cats, from these awesome Kids Action Teams:

Tuesday, June 14 (morning)

Learn how to help the environment through advocacy and reusing materials for art, bring joy to the elderly through recipes and artwork, and clean up animal waste in your neighborhood with great ideas from these incredible Kids Action Teams: 

Tuesday, June 14 (afternoon)

Start a pollinator garden, keep trash out of sewers and our waterways, and don't forget to recycle! Learn how to keep our earth healthy and clean from these intrepid Kids Action Teams: