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Service in Schools Libguide: Race Against Waste

June 2022 Presentations

The Race Against Waste program is a weekly youth service-learning and sustainability education program for students in grades 4-8, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability. During spring 2022, students participated in service-learning during an academic class or after-school club. They engaged in research, action, and reflection on reducing and reusing a common type of waste: fabric waste, food waste, and plastic waste

Students completed activities such as interviewing experts and analyzing engaging media to build background knowledge on the topic. Then they drafted components of an advocacy campaign and took an action to reduce and reuse waste in their school or local community. Students shared their learning and advocacy pieces with an authentic audience of peers, families, and educators at the Service in Schools Student Showcases during June 2022. You can view students' presentations and advocacy campaigns below. 

Wednesday, June 15 (morning)

Want to know how to convince your school community to reduce their food waste, find substitutes for single-use plastic, and make old t-shirts into something new and fashionable? Learn from these dedicated Race Against Waste Green Teams: 

Wednesday, June 15 (afternoon)

Create impactful art out of plastic waste, host a sustainable fashion show, and sort your food scraps for compost! These incredible Green Teams can show you how: 

Thursday, June 16

People of all ages can make an impact on waste! Learn how to save fabric from the landfill, encourage your school community to stop wasting food, and think twice before using that single-use water bottle with these ideas from Race Against Waste classes and Green Teams: