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ESC Science Kit Rental: Kit Rental Application

This guide is used to apply for a ESC science laboratory kit.

ESC Kit Rental Details

The Genovesi Environmental Study Center (ESC) offers rich and experiential, environmental science programs for students and teachers at all grade levels. As a premier informal science destination space, ESC’s mission is to deliver hands-on environmental science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instruction. 

ESC offers science laboratory kits in the subjects of Zoom into Microbiology, Project H2WOH, Wildlife Forensics, or Genetically Modified Foods. Teachers may rent these kits, at no cost, to conduct a laboratory activity in their classrooms. Kits will be delivered to the school's main office, in the form of two rolling cases, equipped with enough material for all your students.
Click the links below to register for one of the three kit rentals available.
For any inquiries email

Zoom into Microbiology Kit

Zoom into Microbiology (Grades 6-8)

The Zoom into Microbiology kit includes microscopes, pond water, books and other equipment to run a microbiology lab to learn the functions of a microscope, and observe animal tissue and live protist.

Project H2WOH Kit

Project H2WOH  (Grades 3-5)

The Project H2WOH kit, grant funded by the Catskill Watershed Corporation, is a two lesson kit that includes microscopes, pond water, and other equipment to preform a pond water observation and prepare for a final lesson about New York City's Water and unique watershed on a field trip to ESC.

Wildlife Forensics Kit

Wildlife Forensics (Grades 8-12)* 

The Wildlife Forensics kit includes equipment to run a gel electrophoresis lab, to determine wild and farm-raised DNA, through the visible separation of DNA through agar gel.

* Kits must be utilized in a Living Environment regents or AP Biology course

Genetically Modified Foods Kit

Genetically Modified Foods (Grades 10-12)* 

The Genetically Modified Foods kit includes equipment to run a gel electrophoresis lab, to determine if crop samples are genetically modified, through the visible separation of DNA through agar gel.

*Kits must be utilized in a Living Environment regents, AP Environmental, or AP Biology course.

Unit of Study

ESC provides a unit of study, complete with pre- and post-activities to complete with your students. These are built on the Stripling Model of Inquiry; 
  • The pre-activity uses student background knowledge to Connect and Wonder about the scientific content
  • The kits are used in the Investigate stage to conduct an experiment
  • The post-activities follow the inquiry steps for students to Construct, Express, and Reflect upon their new ideas

These units of study can be found on the page-navigation tabs above.