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NEW Project ESC@ESC: Plant Power: Plant Power

GESC Plant Power

Introduction to the Plant Power Unit of Study

In the Plant Power unit of study, grade 4, 5, and 6 students will discover how plants are living organisms that are essential to all life. Plants provide food and oxygen, as well as shelter for many animal species. Throughout history, humans have improved their communities by using plants for building, dyes, cosmetics, paper, and medicine. Through the use of text sets, graphic organizers, and vocabulary games, students begin the Plant Power unit by identifying plant parts. They will determine the function of each plant part and discuss how humans would use them.

Students will continue with a hands on investigation at the Genovesi Environmental Study Center (GESC) where they will associate each different plant part with its ability to help the plant survive. After students have an opportunity to explore familiar plants, they will study uncommon plants at the center and determine their origins, defenses, and uses in society. Students will compare the characteristics of different plants and identify which everyday products contain them. Students will then expand this investigation back in their classrooms. Using a Sunburst text set, students will research how the use of plants and plant-based products have influenced societies.

GESC Plant Power