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NEW Project ESC@ESC: Genetically Modified Foods: Genetically Modified Foods

GESC Genetically Modified Foods

Introduction to the Genetically Modified Foods Unit of Study

This Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) Unit of Study has been designed to support the Genetics Unit in the HS Living Environment, Biology or AP Biology Curriculum. It will help to answer the following essential questions:

  • What is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?
  • How are GMOs created?
  • Why are GMOs controversial?

The general skeleton of this unit plan consists of pre-activities to prepare the students before visiting the Genovesi Environmental Study Center (GESC), or renting a kit, and post-activities to extend the concepts introduced from the GESC experience into the classroom. The Unit of Study is organized using the Stripling Model of Inquiry, which provides a framework for active learning and the formation of new understandings.

GESC Genetically Modified Foods