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NEW Project ESC@ESC: Incredible Insects: Incredible Insects

GESC Incredible Insects

Introduction to the Incredible Insects Unit of Study

In the Incredible Insects Unit of Study, (K-2) students will learn about and observe insects, their parts, and how insects are both similar to and different from each other and other living things. Students will engage in pre-visit activities in their classroom to connect to their prior knowledge of insects and interact with texts to generate questions about insects and their field trip to the Genovesi Environmental Study Center.

After students have opportunities to observe insects and their parts during their trip, they will compare and contrast insects to animals living at the center as well as create their own insect model.  Back in their classroom, students will engage in post-visit activities to extend their understanding. They will identify the structural and behavioral adaptations that allow insects to survive in their environment by interacting with texts.

The Unit of Study is built using the Stripling Model of Inquiry. Connect and Wonder stages contain pre-visit activities. The students visit the Genovesi Environmental Study Center for the Investigate stage. Construct, Express and Reflect stages contain post-visit activities.

GESC Incredible Insects