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STEM Matters NYC Programs: Camps for Grade 7

NYC Aerospace Camp

Location: New York City Center for Aerospace and Applied Mathematics, Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY

Do you want to go on a mission to space? First you will need to train for it! Explore flight simulators in our NASA Aerospace Education Lab, construct and launch rockets, and build Mars rovers with EV3 LEGO robots. During this action-packed week, campers will simulate astronaut training and learn about the history of space exploration to prepare for their ultimate mission: a simulated space adventure.

Wild Makers Camp

Location: Queens Zoo, Queens, NY

Do you love to tinker, design, and create? Join us to learn about wildlife and conservation in the zoo using a variety of resources! Campers will use everyday materials in exciting ways through open-ended exploration and experimentation to find creative solutions to some real-world concerns about the animals in our care.

Urban Forest Exploration

Location: Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

Help us conserve our wondrous woodland! Spend a week at Wave Hill immersed in nature, conducting fieldwork. Campers will discover the ecological importance of urban woodlands and the wildlife that call them home, then apply what they learn to assist us in ongoing ecological restoration projects.

Young Maker STEAM Machine Camp

Location: Staten Island MakerSpace NYC, Staten Island, NY

Explore the world of simple machines at Staten Island MakerSpace NYC! Each day, young makers will handle tools, drills, drivers, and electronics with close supervision by experienced makers. During the week, campers will work with experts across STEM fields, observe technology used in our space, and show family members our machine in action at a Friday celebration.

Animal Adaptations: Survival of the Fittest

Location: Staten Island Zoo, Staten Island, NY

What’s the difference between poison and venom? How does mimicry work exactly? Learn the answers to these questions and more at the Staten Island Zoo this spring! Campers will explore the adaptations of predators and prey, environmental adaptations, and the adaptations of extreme animals through hands-on and inquiry-based learning. Using the resources of the Zoo’s program animals, exhibits, biofacts, and hands-on classroom activities, campers will be able to identify and give examples of physical and behavioral adaptations and how they help animals survive.