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Service in Schools Libguide: E-books for Service-Learning

e-books for Service-Learning

Want to help students to understand a complex social issue, build concern and caring for others, or get excited to take action in their community? There is a book (or e-book) for that! 

Reading both fiction and non-fiction plays an important role in the service-learning process. A good book can serve as the entry point to learning about a serious topic in an age-appropriate way or provide an opportunity for students to gather information on their topic for service. Through stories, students gain perspective and get inspired to help! 

Depending on the topic and age/grade levels of your students, you may choose a combination of read aloud and independent reading materials to enhance a service-learning unit. Consider that even older students can enjoy and learn from picture books on service topics. Be sure to preview all texts before sharing with students and engage them in discussing and analyzing what they read. 

Below are links to pages with e-books on service topics that can be accessed through Sora with DOE accounts. See how to access the free e-books and digital learning resources from Sora, Gale in Context, and other databases available through NYC DOE Department of Library Services. If you have any questions or suggestions for service-themed e-books, email