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Service in Schools Mission

Service in Schools strives to expand the number of NYC students engaged in transformative community service and service-learning experiences that enable them to use their voice, skills, and critical thinking to affect positive change in their communities and the world.

Check out educator resources for service-learning and service project ideas for students below. Share any ideas or questions with

Service-Learning and Community Service

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with classroom curriculum, allowing students to connect academic studies with real-life solutions in order to strengthen communities. Within the classroom, students identify community needs, apply their skills and studies to research solutions and plan service activities, implement the activities, and then evaluate and reflect on the experiences and impact.

Community service is an activity that engages students in real-life solutions to strengthen communities. Community service can be a one-time activity or a series of activities and is a key component of service-learning. 

Resources for Families

E-books for Service-Learning

Want to help students to understand a complex social issue, build concern and caring for others, or get excited to take action in their community? There is a book (or e-book) for that! 

Below are links to pages with e-books on service topics that can be accessed through Sora with DOE accounts. See how to access the free e-books and digital learning resources from Sora, Gale in Context, and other databases available through NYC DOE Department of Library Services. If you have any questions or suggestions for service-themed e-books, email

Lesson Materials and Plans

Professional Learning Resources

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